Why Buy From UnitedBulbs?

UnitedBulbs.com offers a large variety of bulb types. We sell common and hard to find bulbs such as: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, light-emitting diodes, metal halide, high pressure sodium, bug repelling, work lights, flood lights, exit signs, antique nostalgic, and so on. We are an excellent source for your appliance’s small light bulb that inconveniently went out and is near-impossible to find at the hardware store.

Customer Testimonial

These bulbs fit perfectly in my full sized Scentsy warmers and they melted the wax just like a Scentsy bulb. Does not burn or overheat and I leave my warmers on 24/7. Also, the bulbs came packaged in bubble wrap. I tested every bulb and they all worked. No broken or deficient bulbs. Awesome product and works much better than the bulbs found at Walmart. A great buy and I will definitely buy these again!

Aimee Gover

These arrived very-well packaged, impressively so. However, cause I am me, I tried each bulb to make sure they all worked. They did. They are exactly the same bulb that fits in my full-size Scentsy as well as my ScentSationals warmer. A very good price, too. Recommend!

Jinnefer Smith

I purchased these bulbs to eliminate mosquitoes that were attracted to the porch light. They are working very well and have solved my ,mosquito issue. They were shipped very securely so I received no broken bulbs. The light is a soft yellow glow

Alison Qazi