About us

About us laptop on desk with a turned on lamp featuring a unitedbulbs lightbulb

We are a Company based in New Jersey, USA. More than a decade ago, our Founder made a conscious decision to enter the Lighting Industry to align with his vision of spreading beauty, warmth, and joy by illuminating the homes and surroundings of people everywhere!

We probably carry what you’re looking for.

UnitedBulbs offers a large variety of bulb types. We sell common and hard-to-find bulbs such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, light-emitting diodes, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, bug repelling, work lights, flood lights, exit signs, antique nostalgic, and so on. We are an excellent source for your appliance’s small light bulb that inconveniently went out and is near-impossible to find at the hardware store.

We are also the perfect place to shop when designing your business building’s lighting plan. We offer convenient sizes for product quantities at great prices. With those great prices come great options for brand quality. We carry products such as Sterl Lighting, Sunlite, Damar, Generic, Topaz, Satco, Sylvania, GE, Morris Products, and various premium brands such as Philips.

Not only does UnitedBulbs offer a great selection of bulb types, but we also cover most of the spectrum. The color of light can really set the “feel” of a room’s mood. Whether you’re trying to create “natural” lighting (5,000k), or “warm” lighting (2,000k), we can certainly help you with that. You can even consider using some of our other options to get completely different reactions from the same room. These options are colors like: black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, and yellow.

We offer free shipping on all orders and have an excellent supply chain. We can deliver to anywhere in the United States and the majority of the rest of the world (depending on the country’s legal restrictions toward a product).