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Sterl Lighting

Pack of 4 - 60 Watt A19 Yellow E26

Pack of 4 - 60 Watt A19 Yellow E26

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Sterl Lighting Pack of 4 of 60 Watt Incandescent A19 Ceramic Yellow Bug Light Bulb works with 120 voltage and fits to E26 screw base type. This bulb emits soft yellow light result that is non-bug attractive, offers CRI 100 that let us see the color vibrance of objects under this light. It produces 230 lumens of light output that lasts for an average life span of 1500-hours. It is an energy-saving bulb which commonly used for themed party lighting, string lights, darkroom light bulb, porch light bulb, and decorative lighting.

COLOR TEMPERATURE: The yellow light hue sets the mood on the area where it is placed.
BUG REPELANT: This A19 yellow bug light bulb will keep bugs away, lets you have good sleep and better rest. You can use it anywhere you desired.
DIMMABLE: This light bulb can provide anything between 10% and 100% of lighting output. Simply adjust the dim of the light fixture create the perfect atmosphere.
SUITABLE FOR: Ideal for home lighting or special purpose lighting applications. Indoors and outdoors use.




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