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DARELO Dimmable 10 Inch LED Ceiling Light Fixture with 3000K Color Temperature–Round Nickel Finish Ceiling Lamp Replacement

Add Elegance to Your Home Décor with These Elegant Ceiling Light Fixtures. 

It’s incredible how much a room changes when it is decorated with beautiful and elegant ceiling light fixtures. This minimalist 10-inchflush mount lighting fixture can be installed in any room of your house, including the kitchen, hallway, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Perfect Warm White Color for Your Room. This Warm White light creates a very smooth and relaxing feel. It’s the gentlest light so it’s great for overall illumination in areas such as a living room, dining room or bedroom.

Item Color: Nickel Finish

WARM WHITE COLOR TEMPERATURE:  Do you prefer a warmer  to softer  light temperature? This soft white best for rooms that you want to have a soft, cozy feel . It will  add  an  extra mood to your room.

DIMMABLE BUT NOT FLICKERY:  Whether you need lots of light to work, or less light to relax after a long day, simply adjust the dim of this flush mount light fixture LED ceiling light and create the perfect atmosphere. This 10 - inch light fixture can provide anything between 10% and 1 00% of lighting output, without delays or any flickering.

LONG- LASTING AND ENERGY SAVING The LED light of this ceiling light fixture consumes much less energy than regular light bulbs, even though it provides the same amount of luminosity and it lasts much longer. This means that you won’t have to replace the LED light in years and that your electricity bills will not rise.

SIMPLE AND EASY INSTALLATION:  You don’t have to call an electrician to install these round light fixtures in your house. The installation is so easy that you can do it on your own. Simply loosen the fixture and remove the cover, adjust the wires and install the j - box , mount the li ght into jbox  and attach the light fixture and its cover.

SLEEK DESIGN, SUITABLE FOR ALL ROOMS : Thanks to its sleek, minimalist and modern design, Darelo’s LED lighting fixture will look great in any room of y our house, from the living room and the kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Besides, this will be suitable in uses of every room.