7 Watt C9 Orange E17

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Sterl Lighting Pack of 25 of 7 Watt C9 Ceramic Orange Incandescent Chandelier Bulb that works with 120 volts and fits with E17 intermediate base type. This bulb emits orange light result and offers CRI 100 that let us see the color vibrance of objects under this light. It produces 15 lumens of light output and it lasts for an average life span of 1,500-hours. This is an energy-saving and energy-efficient bulb, incandescent lighting is commonly used for decorative application, indoor Christmas lights, orange Halloween lights indoor chandelier, small appliances, ceiling fans and fixtures where the bulb is visible. The lighting effect that it gives sets the ambiance where it is placed.

LIGHT APPEARANCE: The orange light hue sets the mood on the area where it is placed.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY: C9 colored light bulb works with 7 watt, 120 volts lighting fixtures.
DIMMABLE: This light bulb can provide anything between 10% and 100% of lighting output. Simply adjust the dim of the light fixture create the perfect atmosphere.
SUITABLE FOR: Ideal indoor and outdoor use.