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Sterl Lighting

STERL LIGHTING - Pack 0f 10 2-Gang Decor Screwless Faceplate

STERL LIGHTING - Pack 0f 10 2-Gang Decor Screwless Faceplate

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Sterl Lighting Pack of 10 of 2-Gang White Screw less Faceplates, a white decorative cover plate designed to conceal the electrical outlet. Its outer dimension is measured 11.5cm length by 7cm wide. This wall plate is made of polycarbonate known as strong and tough materials that resists abrasion and impact damage. This light switch cover blends well with wide variety of interior designs, residential, commercial and industrial applications

DURABILITY: Polycarbonate thermoplastic material can withstand hard impact and heavy force of the electricity.
HEAT & FADE RESISTANT: Temperatures over 100 degrees which protects them against discoloration and fading over time makes it more durable and also maintains the décor for long.
INSTALLATION: Easy to install with metal mounting screws. SAFETY: UL listed, it is 100% tested safe to cover electrical wires of an outlet.




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