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250 Watt BR40 Red E26

250 Watt BR40 Red E26

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Sterl Lighting Pack of 1 Bulb of 250 Watt BR40 Red Incandescent Reflector Light Bulb that works with 120 volts and fits to E26 base type. This is bulb emits red color light that provides a comfortable warm red glow with any fixtures and offers CRI 100 that let us see the color vibrance of objects under this light. It produces 1000 lumens of light output and it lasts for an average life span of 1,500-hours. This is an energy-saving incandescent lighting that is commonly used for toughest to reach environment such as farm, for poultry light bulb, bathroom heat light bulb spa and swimming pool.

LIGHT APPEARANCE: Red heat lamp creates a warmer environment with the help of infrared technology.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY: BR40 bulb works with 250 watts, 120 volts lighting fixtures. This bulb lasts 10 times longer than standard bulbs with reflector disc to minimize heat and to reduce visual light emission and glare.
DIMMABLE: This light bulb can provide anything between 10% and 100% of lighting output. Simply adjust the dim of the light fixture create the perfect atmosphere.
SUITABLE FOR: Breeding and rearing of pigs, poultry, calves, foals, dogs etc. as well as in veterinary clinics, zoos, pet shops. Ideal to use for indoor and outdoor.




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